ready to learn
Preschoolers have a deeper understanding of how the world works, and have developed the self-esteem, confidence and basic life habits that make them ready to learn. Our goal is to help them become enthusiastic and active learners, ready to learn new concepts and stretch their cognitive skills and imagination, with a strong foundation to build school readiness.

Preschoolers learn to:

Preschool Program

A balance of learning activities, play and routines to develop educational skills and success

preschool - girl playing

Active learning

Preschoolers are enthusiastic and active learners, ready to learn new concepts and stretch their cognitive skills and imagination. They are eager to expand their worlds through language, problem-solving, imaginative play, artistic endeavors, and scientific investigations. Preschoolers learn best in an engaging environment full of opportunities for collaboration, experimentation, and discovery.


For young children, a consistent daily schedule provides predictability, and helps them develop a sense of time and organization. A predictable routine in our preschool classrooms includes a balance of learning activities and play.

Engaging and comfortable learning environment

First Circle’s comfortable and inviting preschool classrooms are set up to meet a wide variety of learning styles and needs. Learning materials include books, building materials, games, props for pretend play, and arts and crafts that reflect children’s own life experiences. Learning centers such as dramatic play, sensory table, science center and literacy allow children to freely choose and experiment with the materials that match their interests. The daily schedule includes active and quiet learning activities, large group, small group and individual learning time, teacher-directed and child-initiated activities, as well as indoor and outdoor activities.

preschool - boys gardening
preschool - two girls at art table

Skilled and nurturing teachers

Our knowledgeable and caring preschool teachers help children construct and test theories, foster empathy, overcome challenges, make decisions, build resilience, and navigate social relationships.


Teachers guide children in following rules for behavior, helping them develop communication skills and emotional intelligence to build strong social relationships. They engage with the children one-on­one, and adapt the environment and learning experiences to fit each preschooler’s unique learning style, developmental goals, and interests.

a peek at my day

PRESCHOOL curriculum

Curriculum is the heart and soul of any learning program. Our unique curriculum, Connecting My World, encompasses all of the care and teaching that happens in our program. Connecting My World teaches children the critical knowledge, skills, and concepts important for school readiness.

connecting my world
areas of learning


Children don’t learn at the same pace or in the same way, so our curriculum supports individual strengths and interests, and respects each child’s learning styles, pace, temperament, developmental stage, and needs. Comprised of five interrelated areas of learning, Connecting My World develops children cognitively, linguistically, socio-emotionally, physically, and creatively. All five areas of child development are essential to develop the readiness skills necessary to help children be successful in school and in life.
me and you

In preschool, children are developing self-competence, self-awareness and self-esteem and are actively exploring the world around them. Me and You guides children through the exploration and discovery of themselves, the community around them, and the world beyond. Helping children develop a positive sense of self and where they fit into the world gives them tools to develop positive relationships. They begin to understand and appreciate diversity, and to develop character traits to build compassion for the world’s people and for the environment. By sharing cultural and family traditions with the class, reading stories about character traits, and discussing feelings, teachers help preschoolers refine their social-emotional skills.

brain power

Preschoolers are actively engaged in discovery with curiosity and wonder. They are naturally inquisitive, and are developing a foundation for learning mathematical and science concepts, reasoning, problem-solving, and critical learning skills. Brain Power ensures the classroom environment is full of opportunities to stretch thinking and exploration, with teachers who carefully plan experiences that nurture critical thinking and an inquisitive approach to learning. By predicting daily weather, playing counting games, and looking through microscopes, Brain Power provides preschoolers with opportunities throughout the day to learn the relevance of mathematics, develop scientific inquiry skills, enhance their memories, and learn how to solve problems.

imagine that

Preschool children are naturally enthusiastic about exploring their creativity and imagination. Imagine That uses creative experiences to support and enhance learning and develop flexible thinking, adaptation, problem-solving, innovation and follow-through. Visual arts, music, dance and movement, and dramatic play are infused in our daily preschool program. By singing songs, reading books from around the world, and creating art, teachers help children enhance cognitive development, support self-expression, and nurture the innate creativity in each child.

healthy me

Preschoolers have progressed with cognitive skills and self-awareness to the point where they are forming behaviors and attitudes that will influence them for the rest of their lives. Healthy Me teaches preschoolers to make good decisions, nurture healthy habits, and develop their bodies in safe and healthy ways. By encouraging children to make their own choices at snack and mealtimes, engaging in daily big and small muscle development, and talking about how to keep safe, teachers provide ample opportunities to develop healthy bodies, practice self-care routines, and learn to make healthy choices.

word smart

Preschoolers’ language skills are growing daily as they add hundreds of vocabulary words and more complex language structures. In addition, they begin to understand the concept of print and letters. WordSmart provides your preschooler with multiple opportunities throughout the day to reinforce language, while laying the framework for pre-reading and pre-writing skills to ensure school readiness. Teachers facilitate communication skills during circle time, model increasingly complex language, and reading high-quality children’s literature every day.

my character


Our unique character education program is an important part of our curriculum. MyCharacter includes learning objectives that teachers use to help children successfully develop and practice critical social skills, problem-solve, think creatively, make good choices, resolve conflict, persist through challenges, and build self-esteem.
sense of self

Reading stories about confidence and discussing at circle time enhances self-competence


Playing games with an “end goal” like puzzles and board games encourages resilience


Playing Simon Says develops self-management skills


Creating a “things we like” collage with a friends develops integrity


Reading books and learning about children in other countries fosters respect


Counting “kindness to a friend” moments and rewarding them encourages compassion


Drawing pictures of where we live develops community


Practicing calm breathing and relaxing develops mindfulness


Playing as a group with one person seeking and others saying “hot and cold” practices helpfulness


Talking about common fears we share as a group develops courage

positive attitude

Getting bedding from my cubby and preparing my nap space helps children develop a positive attitude


Cooking projects where tasks are shared and food is shared equally develops responsibility

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