We build in children good character attributes to last a lifetime.

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Our unique character education program is an important part of our curriculum. Character is what determines how we respond to situations and circumstances of life. We manifest our character in our habits, our interactions with others, and how we treat ourselves. According to early childhood experts, children begin to develop character traits in infancy, and character skills are as important as academic skills in determining success in life.

When children are taught the basics of a strong character, habits of planning and goal-setting, self-regulation, decision-making, organizing their personal time, and managing responsibilities effectively, they are building lifelong character attributes that will help them succeed in school and in life.


sense of self

As children grow, they are developing a sense of self, and learning and practicing individual character development skills. They build a strong foundation of self-competence, resilience and self-management they can draw on throughout their lives. Developing these traits teach children to be confident, responsible, persistent and self-disciplined.

• self-competence

• resilience

• self-management



When children are taught skills like compassion, respect, integrity, resilience, and helpfulness, they are learning how to build and sustain positive interpersonal relationships with adults, peers, and younger children.

• integrity

• respect

• compassion

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Beyond home and school, a child’s character impacts the workplace and our communities as they grow up to be our employees, neighbors, and leaders. Being a global citizen means considering community and worldwide impact when making decisions, as well as having a positive disposition towards cultural differences. Developing strong character traits help children thrive, find fulfillment, and be a good influence in society.

• community

• mindfulness

• helpfulness



Developing leadership is a critical 21st-century skill. When we teach character traits such as responsibility, courage, and a positive attitude, we set children up to be the role models, leaders, and innovators of the future.

• courage

• positive attitude

• responsibility

my character

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how it works

MyCharacter includes learning objectives teachers use to help children successfully develop and practice critical social skills, problem-solve, think creatively, make good choices, resolve conflict, persist through challenges, and build self-esteem.

Children are introduced to a specific trait each month. Books, games, poems, and songs teach children the pro-social concepts and behaviors linked with each trait, and engage children in making choices and decisions to reinforce the learning objectives. With each character trait, children participate in multiple learning activities to think about ways to solve problems, reinforce learning, and see how their behavior, actions, and words affect others.

what you can do at home

At home, you’ll receive our unique flier providing information about that month’s character trait so you can support your child in their character education development at home. The at-home fliers give you specific activities you can do with your child to model and practice the character skills being taught in the classroom. Character and the ability to make good choices, self-manage, and be helpful, honest, and compassionate are skills that are built over time, with examples, reinforcement, modeling, and practice.

With MyCharacter, your child will be learning and practicing the traits that help develop values, positive behaviors, and strong character to last a lifetime!

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