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Connecting My World teaches children the critical knowledge, skills, and concepts important for school readiness

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At First Circle, our entire program supports young children as they begin their exciting journey of becoming lifelong learners. Research confirms that the first six years of life are crucial in a child’s brain development. This amazing period is when children have the greatest capacity and aptitude for learning, especially in developing language and socialization skills. Our unique curriculum is based on renowned philosophies of child develop­ment and fosters the development of the whole child.

Children don’t learn at the same pace or in the same way, so our curriculum supports individual strengths and interests, and respects each child’s learning styles, pace, temperament, developmental stage, and needs. Comprised of five interrelated areas of learning, Connecting My World develops children cognitively, linguistically, socio-emotionally, physically, and creatively. All five areas of child development are essential to develop the readiness skills necessary to help children be successful in school and in life.


me and you

learning about myself and those around me

  • managing and expressing feelings, developing empathy
  • developing positive self-esteem, self-identity, and self-management
  • building character and learning emotional intelligence
  • making friends and building positive relationships
  • beginning awareness of history, geography, economics, civics, diversity and culture

brain power

learning how to think about the world around me

  • developing knowledge in STEM: science, technology, engineering, and math
  • fostering inquiry, problem-solving, critical thinking and reasoning skills
  • improving memory and processing skills

imagine that

learning to express myself creatively

  • understanding and appreciation of visual art and artists
  • exploration of a variety of materials and media
  • exploring music with voices and instruments
  • dramatic play
  • exploring dance and creative movement
areas of learning

healthy me

developing a healthy body and learning to take care of myself

  • daily large and small motor development
  • understanding physical health
  • learning safety practices
  • learning how to make healthy choices in daily activities

word smart

learning how to communicate in the world around me

  • understanding and using language
  • learning to communicate thoughts, needs and experiences
  • developing emergent reading and writing
girl learning at daycare

ready for learning, ready for life

happy kid at preschool

At First Circle, we know that success in school starts long before a child sets foot in a kindergarten classroom. One of the primary goals of our curriculum—from infants to pre-kindergarten—is to prepare children for the next step in their development, whether that’s achieving the next milestone, moving up to the next classroom, or moving on to kindergarten. 

what is readiness?

Readiness encompasses skills in every domain: physical, cognitive, social, emotional, literacy and approaches to learning. But being ready isn’t just mastering a set of skills or meeting milestones; it’s being prepared to take the next step in an educational journey with capability, interest and enthusiasm. At First Circle, supportive teachers make sure each child grows at their own pace and is truly prepared for the next step. While school readiness encompasses early literacy and math skills, it also includes essential skills such as how to wait in line, how to be a good friend, how to ask for help, how to make mistakes and learn from them, and how to be self-confident and love learning.

ready for life

We believe that preparing children for school and for life is not just about the curriculum; it’s about creating a safe environment with heart, with teachers that nurture, cherish, and motivate—a place where thriving is not just about reaching benchmarks of performance or fitting into a box, but about reaching the potential within. At First Circle, we help children develop the learning habits, character traits, and love of learning that empowers them to face the future with confidence, ready for learning, ready for life.

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