• Diapers — 1 sleeve
  • Diaper cream, accompanied by signed topical form
  • Two packs of wipes monthly, due the first Monday of every month
  • Pacifier x2, optional; pacifier clip
    (please no wubbanub type pacifiers with the attached animal)


  • milk/formula with bottles enough for each day
  • extra milk/formula,
    2 bottles worth
  • 1 spare clean bottle


  • 2 complete extra outfits
  • 1 pair of socks
  • booties for children who are not able to pull to stand yet
  • hard rubber bottom sneakers if able to pull up to stand

nap time

  • crib sheet, porta-crib size only
  • sleep sack, optional; no blankets or lovies allowed


  • home daily schedule
  • family pictures