What you can expect from us

APPRECIATION: We value the role of early childhood educators who help to make a difference in the world. Our staff is the heart of what we do. We do everything possible to provide a culture based on good communication, teamwork, values, and fun!

TEAMWORK: Our structure is based on collaborative co-teaching teams. We give teachers support and the tools they need to succeed, like floating teachers for classroom support and time off.

COMMUNICATION: We work hard to make every communication honest, friendly, and compassionate. We believe open communication builds a better team. We encourage you to share feedback, ideas, and suggestions with us and to ask questions.

COLLABORATIVE LEADERSHIP: We know what it’s like to work in an environment where management is critical, unsupportive, and inflexible, where coworkers are cliquey, gossipy, and unfriendly. That’s why we do our best to provide you with flexibility, responsive communication, and a strong partnership.

GROWTH: We’re committed to your personal and professional growth. We offer opportunities for advancement, mentorship, and paid professional development.

CREATIVITY: As a teacher, we welcome you to personalize your classroom, lesson plans, and activities. We support our teachers with fully stocked classrooms and a generous classroom budget.

FEEDBACK: We really want to know what you think! Our tight-knit community of staff allows for open communication between staff and administration. We welcome your input, both positive feedback and suggestions for improvement.

FUN: We believe in laughing every day and building lifelong friendships. We love to spend time together outside school and make having fun one of our top priorities.