What we expect from you

Job performance

Every First Circle job has a description. Your specific job description is at the end of this handbook. It is extremely important that you be familiar with it. It defines your specific duties, and serves as the basis for your performance review. In summary, we expect you to:


We CHOSE YOU to be part of our team and we’re rooting for you to be with us for the long term. We’re committed to supporting you and helping you take the next steps in your career. And we ask you to commit to being professional.

Being professional is about attitude, conduct, and presenting yourself with self-respect and dignity. It means having a willingness to learn, cooperating and getting along with others, showing respect, and living up to your commitments. It also means avoiding behaviors that create difficulties in the workplace. By asking you to join our team, we expect you will adhere to our professional standards. That includes:

While conducting yourself in the ways listed above does not guarantee you won’t have issues with your co-workers, if we all conduct ourselves in these ways, we’ll be close to our goal of a workplace that is respectful, nurturing, professionally rewarding, and fun!