what children learn


ME + YOU: learning about myself and those around me
BRAIN POWER: learning how to think about the world around me
WORD SMART: learning how to communicate in the world around me
HEALTHY ME: developing a healthy body and learning to take care of myself
IMAGINE THAT: learning to express myself creatively


Connecting My World™ incorporates developmentally appropriate goals and learning objectives of nationally recognized curricula, as well as our own research-based objectives that align with Massachusetts state guidelines and frameworks.

Learning objectives are broken into the 5 areas of learning and outline a clear set of milestones and skills children reach from infants to kindergarten. This allows teachers to accurately assess children’s abilities to report progress to parents and to develop experiences and activities to meet each child’s needs.

Learning objectives are divided into several sub-objectives for infants through pre-kindergarten [see Learning Objectives with Examples for a full description].