three phases

Effective crisis and security plans help us effectively manage the operation of First Circle during a crisis incident or medical emergency. Emergency preparedness is the ability to react appropriately by knowing what measures should be taken during the THREE PHASES of an emergency (before, during, after). The more prepared we are, the shorter the response and recovery time for any emergency.

1. Preparedness

The preparedness phase takes place BEFORE an emergency or disaster. It includes being informed, making plans, building emergency/disaster supplies kits, and training staff on emergency plans. Practicing scenarios and drills are a critical part of being prepared.

2. Response

The response phase begins DURING the moments you are alerted to an impending emergency and when the emergency occurs. During this phase, we implement the plans that have been created for the preparedness phase.

3. Recovery

The recovery phase occurs AFTER an emergency. It includes determining long-term plans for the center to return to regular operations. This is primarily the administration’s responsibility, but will require staff support.

A critical element to all three phases: COMMUNICATION