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Amanda Sweeney

Amanda Sweeney

I have degrees in early childhood education and psychology—and I'm planning on working towards a masters degree in education and/or child psychology. I've been working with young children since 2012.

My favorite thing about working with children is helping them build their foundation on learning. Early childhood education has such an important roll in helping children find their love for learning. Watching them learn and grow and developing relationships with them and their families is such a privilege. I bring a positive, fun, and accepting attitude to the classroom; I hope to give each child the confidence and passion to learn and grow as they navigate through their early childhood years.

I live in Halifax with my husband Kevin, my daughter Layla (3), and son Caden (1). For fun I love to spend time with my family and friends. My husband and I love hosting, so any excuse to host people whether it be a big event or just a cook out!