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Adrianna Martinez

This year I’ll be graduating from Minuteman Vocational High School in Lexington, as a certified teacher for childcare. I’ve been working with young children for four years, most recently as an assistant teacher at the Kinder Care in Needham.

I love doing this job. My favorite thing is that every kid is different, reacts differently, talks differently, and behaves differently. I’m certified in first aid and I know the patience that comes with working with children. I love building connections with the children, and when I enter a classroom, I bring a positive attitude; I am someone who wants to be there.

I live in Needham with my mom, stepdad, and little sister. For fun, I like to play with my cats, spend time with my best friends, and my nephews—and I love watching scary movies! My big plan for the future is to finish school, become a pilot, fly for a good airline, and travel the world.


Marisa Coburn

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Olivia Costello

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