preschool team


Valenny Joseph

My name is Valenney Joseph (Va•Len•e). I previously worked at the SPARK Center, and have worked as an assistant teacher here in Needham since 2021. I am currently a college student finishing an associate degree in psychology. I like working with children because it excites my day.


Christine Ribeiro

I received my BA in education studies and performing arts from Wheelock College in 2018. I earned my master's degree in curriculum instruction with a reading focus from Southern New Hampshire University in 2020. My philosophy is that all children learn in different ways. I like to see the students realize that they’re learning while having fun, making them forget that they’re even in the classroom. I want children to feel comfortable in the classroom, and understand that it is a safe space to learn and grow. I currently live in Framingham, where I have also lived all my life with my amazing parents. I really like to travel, I enjoying working out, especially with boxing or Zumba, I love and live on Starbucks, and I love teaching your children about the world and themselves.


Kaitlyn Carmenatty

I've been an early childhood educator for over ten years. I started as an assistant teacher and am now a certified lead teacher with my director's certification as well. Seeing my students learn and discover new things and challenge their little minds is my greatest joy. Watching them grow from babies to school age, from learning to roll over, crawl, walk, and talk, learn their numbers, letters, colors, and shapes... Just seeing the growth in them makes my heart fill with joy knowing that we did that. I love to listen to all types of music. I'm not really an outside type of girl, I just don't like bugs flying around me. I have two young, beautiful kids. My goal is to finish school with my bachelor's and work towards my new car in 2024. I would love to have a family vacation soon—somewhere with great beaches and wonderful food.


Kellen Makuru

I grew up in Uganda, in East Africa. I attended university there, graduating with an associates degree in early childhood education, a bachelor’s degree in administration and psychology, and a master’s degree in diplomacy and international studies. I have since worked in childcare for over 10 years. I have a holistic perspective on learning and development, and hope to discover each child’s potentialities and help them learn that each day can be its own achievement. I live in Pepperell with my uncle’s family, and enjoy baking, dancing, and arts and crafts.

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