infants team


Patricia Mearls

Please, call me Patty! I have been a teacher in the infant room here since 2003 and I love every minute! I love working with children because that was my passion growing up. Playing with the babies, cuddling them, and blowing bubbles makes every day great. Outside of work, I like to babysit and spend time with family. I also love taking day trips with my friends. I live in North Attleboro with my fiance and my cat Charlie. I also love making bracelets and spending time with my friends' kids.


Lisa Percoskie

I have been a teacher in the infant room here since 2008. I studied psychology at Becker College, but I decided to take the teaching course to become teacher certified when my own daughter was preschool age. I have worked my entire adult life on the philsophy of "Be the adult you needed when you were a kid." I love being able to provide a safe place for babies, and peace of mind for parents to know their child is cared for. I really enjoy making fun artwork with the babies for the changing months, and helping them with their important milestones. Outside of work, a few of my favorite things are my grandkids, shopping, road trips, traveling, mountains and Dr. Pepper!


Meghan Clough

I am from Kingston, Mass., which is also where I began my 20-year (so far!) career working with young children. I’ve been an infant teacher, a preschool teacher, and a floating teacher with all age groups. I am a mother myself, so I absolutely know the importance of providing a trustworthy, nurturing, and genuine connection. It’s a special feeling to be the person that these little ones are comfortable with. I love to see their little smiles every morning; I enjoy all of their different personalities and quirks at this young age. I live in Attleboro with my 6-year-old son and boyfriend of over 4 years. For fun, I like to walk the beach to look for sea glass, listen to music, experiment with makeup and fun hairstyles, and spend quality time with my family. In the future, I plan to get married and grow my little family—and to take trips to fun places together.