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Gabby Gagiero

I have been in the field of childhood education for 11 years. While I was in high school, I received my EEC certification and interned at a childcare center. For several years, I worked as a nanny for a single family, I then worked at a childcare center as a preschool teacher in 2019, and finally became an infant teacher in 2020. I find working with children to be an extremely rewarding job. Although it’s hard to watch kids move on to kindergarten when I helped raise them from infancy, I love knowing that I played such an important role in their growth and development. I also find it very exciting to see the infants in my class learn a new skill!


Vida Navid

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Jasmine Serratos

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Yesenia Serratos

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Laura Alderson

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Adele Weaver

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Cortney Doherty

I have an associate's degree in early childhood education and have been working in the field since 1999. I love to help nurture children and watch them grow to be their independent selves. I also like knowing that I help to make a difference in their lives.