toddlers team


Jamie Howe

I earned my undergraduate degree in early childhood and worked as a classroom teacher for seven years before coming to First Circle. I love to help children grow and learn. As a teacher, I am committed to making a positive difference with each child, one smile at a time. Outside of work, I love cycling. I ride in support of MS each year by participating in a 60 mile bike ride on Martha's Vineyard. When I'm not on my bike, I love to hang out with my family.


Rosalie Cardona

I completed coursework in childhood education. I sincerely enjoy helping children of all ages grow and develop, achieve their milestones, and learn new things. When I'm not at work, I enjoy reading and working out.


Tammy Araniz

Tammy Araniz

I chose to pursue a career in the early childhood education field because I have always had a passion for working with young children. As an early childhood educator, I am able to work with children in a classroom setting while also getting the opportunity to know their family as a whole.

I love that I have the chance to create positive impacts in the lives of children and am able to teach them fundamental skills that will benefit them for the rest of their lives. To me, it is such a rewarding feeling to see the children I care for reach milestones and continuously grow and develop new skills!