preschool team


Alize Camacho

In high school, I attended a career and technical education program focused on child development and child care. After graduation, I worked as an after school teacher at Our Lady's Academy, during which I worked with a range of students from pre-k to eighth grade. I have always loved working with, teaching, and learning from children. I always knew that I wanted a career that involved children, and the pandemic pushed me to make a career change and follow my passion. I am excited to work at First Circle, and I'm looking forward to what the children will teach me just as much as what I will teach them. I love to spend time with my family, be outside, and go on adventures with friends. I try to do new things outside my comfort zone whenever I get the chance. I can't leave out my pandemic puppy, Shadow!


Becca Salto

I have been working in child care for 22 years and absolutely love everything about it. For the past decade I have been a toddler teacher at Knowledge Beginnings. In 2009 I received my bachelor’s degree in criminal justice from Hesser College, and ultimately I hope to get an advanced degree in early childhood or psychology. I am very schedule oriented and love teaching children problem solving skills. Those lightbulb moments when you can see a child understand a new concept for the first time is my favorite part of teaching. I also love incorporating music and songs into lessons! I'm originally from Lexington but live in Wayland, and I recently got married! In my free time I enjoy ice skating and swimming, and I especially love watching Bruins and Patriots games.


Josh Hassard

I graduated Hudson High School in 2014, after which I completed a year of study in elementary education at Framingham State University. Currently, I am working towards my associate's degree in early childhood education at Quinsigamond Community College, scheduled to graduate in Spring 2024. I believe that children learn best through various forms of play and teacher-guided interactions where they have the opportunity to be the stars, and I recognize the importance of celebrating diversity so that each child feels included. I believe in providing a classroom environment that allows children to feel relaxed, comfortable, and engaged, so that they are able to fully immerse themselves in learning, and I'm dedicated to fostering strong parent/guardian relationships to help maximize each family's involvement in their children's development. I really enjoy nature and, during quarantine, I enjoyed foraging wild plants and mushrooms. I live with my partner of two years and our two rescue dogs, Stella and Zoey.


Kaylee Lambert

I am a certified in infant/toddler and preschool teacher. Before joining First Circle, I worked for a year at another childcare center as preschool/pre-k teacher. During my time there I was able to gain valuable experience in the infant and toddler classrooms as well. I enjoy working with children because it gives me the opportunity to bring more joy, comfort, knowledge, and compassion into their lives. I am committed to providing them with a safe space and to make learning exciting. I was born and raised in Framingham.


Kim Flesch

Kim Flesch

I have been a preschool teacher for about ten years, after earning a certificate in early childhood education in 2005. I love the fact that First Circle promotes social learning as the primary goal of a child's experience. I have concentrated on this specifically, with an interest in behavioral challenges, so I am very excited to continue to help children learn how to have successful relationships with their peers and the adults in their lives.

Social skills need to be taught just as much as math or science. It is related to language, and is, in my opinion, the skill that needs to be learned before any other skill.

I live in Maynard with my husband and two cats, Bloopies and Roscoe. I also have two grown daughters. In my free time I enjoy traveling, being outdoors, good food, and music—I am teaching myself the ukelele!