Alize Camacho

In high school, I attended a career and technical education program focused on child development and child care. After graduation, I worked as an after school teacher at Our Lady’s Academy, during which I worked with a range of students from pre-k to eighth grade. I have always loved working with, teaching, and learning from children. I find that working with children comes easily and never feels like work. I always knew that I wanted a career that involved children, and the pandemic pushed me to make a career change and follow my passion. I have had the privilege to watch and teach many children in my own family as they grew up, which confirmed that teaching children is what I am meant to do. I am excited to work at First Circle, and I’m looking forward to what the children will teach me just as much as what I will teach them. I love to spend time with my family and enjoy doing everything with them, whether it’s hanging out at home watching a movie or going to spend the day at my aunt’s pool. I also love to spend time going on adventures with friends, being outside, outside exploring new areas, restaurants, and activities. I try to do new things outside my comfort zone whenever I get the chance. I can’t leave out my pandemic puppy, Shadow!