Paulina O'Sullivan

I am originally from Mexico, and received my bachelor’s degree in education there in 2017. In 2014, I began working as a substitute teacher with grades K–4, and for six years I worked with my favorite age group, prenursery, at several private schools in Monterrey, Mexico.

My goal in childcare is to provide children with a safe place for them to reach their full potential by bringing lots of good energy, creativity, love, and kindness. It’s important to me to respect children’s many different ways of thinking.

I live in Quincy with my husband, our baby girl, and our dog. In our free time we love to go to the movies, and to do outdoor activities like fishing, camping, and kayaking. In the future we would love to have a house for our family with lots of animals—more dogs, chickens, goats, turtles, and any other living thing we can provide a good life for.