notifications As part of our commitment to full and open communication, and as required by EEC, First Circle must notify parents in any of the circumstances listed below. The classroom must notify parents and Admin when any: first aid is administered injury happens to the head (bump, scratch, scrape, bite), whether it breaks the skin […]

social media

social media Social media is an important tool to interact with families and market the center to prospective families. We are always looking for photos of the children engaged in learning and having fun, so keep those cameras out! We love to post about school-wide activities and events, informational articles, and other First Circle news. […]

progress reports

progress reports We evaluate each toddler and preschool child every 6 months, and for infants and diverse learners, every 3 months. We create a summarized written evaluation for each child that includes observational, anecdotal, and developmental information. As part of the evaluation process, parents are invited to schedule a parent-teacher conference if they wish. [See […]


newsletter First Circle produces a monthly newsletter that provides updates and information about each classroom. By the monthly staff meeting, each teaching team is responsible for writing a classroom newsletter, about 2-3 paragraphs. Be creative, so families are not seeing the same content each month.

journals + portfolios

journals + portfolios Portfolios (for preschool and pre-k) and journals (infants and toddlers) are collections of information, photographs, and samples that demonstrate each child’s developmental progress. They celebrate each child’s unique abilities, achievements, and progress, displayed through authentic samples of their work and experiences. Each child has their own. The content focuses on children’s individual […]

parent information area

parent information area Each classroom must have a parent information area. You are responsible for posting classroom information such as curriculum topics, developmental information, upcoming events or activities, and helpful resources. Information you share should be neat, have correct grammar and spelling, and “speak” in a friendly tone to encourage parents to stop and read.

notes or emails

notes or emails Each classroom has their own email address. Messages can be sent through Procare Engage as well. However you communicate to parents, please write using proper grammar and punctuation (and use spellcheck!). When in doubt, have a member of Admin check the email before sending it.

daily sheets

daily sheets In the infant and toddler classrooms, in addition to talking to parents, we communicate with families about their child’s daily activities via an electronic Daily Sheet. Families begin each day by communicating information to you, and you are responsible for recording basic information and a brief description of the child’s day. [Also see […]