schedule changes

Schedule changes No change to the current schedule may occur without prior approval. To request a change to your current schedule, you must complete a Staff Schedule Change form and submit it to the director. Please note that no request is guaranteed. You should not schedule classes or outside activities until the director approves your […]

time off requests

Time off requests Any requests for time off must be handled according to the guidelines listed in the Paid Time Off (PTO) section in the Benefits Handbook.


Breaks Because of the stressful nature of childcare, we encourage all staff members to take regular breaks during their workday. By state law, any employee working 6 or more hours must be provided with a half-hour unpaid meal break. There are times when you may need to leave the class under the supervision of your […]


Humanities We use an online program to create and track the weekly staff schedule. Schedules are posted for you to view by 6 p.m. on Wednesdays. Please “acknowledge” your schedule. An app is available for download on both iOS and Android devices as well.

weekly schedule

Weekly schedule Employee schedules are determined by enrollment, availability, and seniority. Although we do our best to respect individual preferences for schedules, staff members are expected to work the schedule we have determined will best maintain a high standard of care for our children and families. We reserve the right to increase, reduce or eliminate […]