word smart Toddlers’ language skills are growing in leaps and bounds as they learn new words every day and start to combine words into sentences. WordSmart ensures your toddler is immersed in a language-rich environment, with plenty of books and songs to foster a love of reading and build early literacy skills. Toddlers are introduced […]


word smart Preschoolers’ language skills are growing daily as they add hundreds of vocabulary words and more complex language structures. In addition, they begin to understand the concept of print and letters. WordSmart provides your preschooler with multiple opportunities throughout the day to reinforce language, while laying the framework for pre-reading and pre-writing skills to […]


word smart Word Smart prepares prekindergarteners with a foundation for successful reading and writing in school. WordSmart ensures that children are practicing and expanding their higher-level language skills and building new vocabulary. Prekindergarteners practice writing letters and words, learn to recognize and read their own name, and those who are developmentally ready have time to […]