wage review

Wage review As an essential part of professional development, each employee’s job performance will be evaluated every 6 months. In combination with the performance review, each employee’s wage rate is reviewed at the same time. The range of wage increases is established by the executive admin team, and typically ranges from 2-5% annually (6-month increase […]


Deductions First Circle is required by law to make certain deductions from your paycheck each period for taxes. You may also choose to have voluntary deductions from your paycheck, like contributions for insurance premiums, retirement plans, spending accounts, or other services. Your deductions will be reflected in your wage statement. Taxes Required tax deductions include […]

pay categories

Pay categories Depending on your benefit eligibility, your paycheck will categorize your wages by hourly wages, overtime, or other categories of pay listed in the Benefits section: Regular hours Compensation is calculated by multiplying hourly wages by the number of hours and/or minutes worked in a particular work week. Overtime As required by the federal […]


Paycheck PAYDAY: Employees are paid every Friday. New employees will receive a paycheck the second Friday after their first day of employment. DIRECT DEPOSIT: You may elect to have part, or all of your paycheck directly deposited into your checking or savings account, or a combination of up to 6 accounts. The funds are available […]

hourly wages

Hourly wages We base an employee’s starting hourly wage on qualifications, experience, training, education, and job responsibility. All non-administrative employees are paid on an hourly basis. Employees are compensated for any time spent on the premises at First Circle during the work week.