staff departure

staff departure If you decide to leave your employment with us, we ask you to give at least 2 weeks’ written notice. Your respect is appreciated and will be noted favorably should you ever wish to reapply for employment with First Circle and when giving a reference to future employers. Before departure, you will receive […]

employment verification

employment verification Requests for employment verification from other employers regarding a former employee’s employment history should be directed to the HR manager.

letters of reference

letters of reference Requests for letters of reference for school applications, scholarships, and other non-employment related activities should be referred to the director. Please allow enough time for the processing of the letter of recommendation.

personnel files

personnel files Personnel files are maintained for each employee, containing the following, as applicable: employment application including general information, employment history, written references, notes from conversations with telephone references, resume, school records, EEC certification documentation and/or information, and First Aid/CPR training information and/or certification medical information and W4 form working interview review, written performance reviews […]

ongoing employment requirements

ongoing employment requirements Employees are required to renew certain documents and certifications as part of their employment at First Circle, and fulfill specific health requirements. These requirements are: HEALTH ASSESSMENT Every employee needs an updated health assessment with a healthcare provider every 2 years. PQ REGISTRY Each educator must register annually with the EEC Professional […]