procedure with staff

procedure with staff We encourage you to speak openly with Administration about any issue, question, or concern. We understand work-related problems can arise and do our best to notice that a potential issue may exist. We also encourage you to try to reconcile simple or personal issues. If this is not possible, our grievance procedure […]

procedure with parents

procedure with parents If a parent communicates a serious concern or one best raised outside of the classroom, we follow this procedure: communicate We ask parents to communicate their concern to Admin as soon as possible. clarify The director clarifies the circumstances of the issue and any policies that apply. If the director determines that […]

resolving conflict overview

overview The heart of Early Childhood Education is in partnering with families to help children learn and grow. At First Circle, you may find yourself disagreeing with a parent who feels their child’s care could be handled differently. As a program and as professionals, we want to be open to receiving feedback and suggestions as […]