RELATIONSHIPS compassion what is it? The literal definition of compassion is to “suffer with.” Often confused with empathy, the two are related but different: empathy is our ability to put ourselves in another person’s shoes, while compassion adds the component of being motivated to help ease someone’s suffering.  Compassion consists of three areas: noticing, feeling, […]


RELATIONSHIPS respect what is it? Respect is one of those words that people use frequently but often can’t define precisely. To respect someone means to value and honor them, both their words and actions, even if we do not approve of everything they do. It’s accepting the other person and not judging or trying to […]


RELATIONSHIPS integrity what is it? Integrity is defined as being honest and having strong moral principles. It is a personal effort to hold oneself to consistent moral and ethical standards. To children, we would say that integrity is doing the right thing whether or not someone is there to see. Research has linked integrity to […]