what to do when EEC arrives

What to do when EEC arrives We have a good working relationship with our licensors because they can count on us to always follow regulations. Our licensor can visit unannounced any time for spot checks or to follow up on an injury or complaint. When our licensor arrives, there is no reason to be anxious. […]


Interactions/curriculum The following requirements apply to all programs: Educators must respond to children’s individual needs and support the development of self-esteem, self-expression, autonomy, social competence, and school readiness. Educators must nurture and respond to children by: frequently expressing warmth by holding babies, having conversations, joint laughter, eye contact, smiles, and communicating at children’s eye level […]

supervision of children

Supervision of children According to EEC regulations, educators must supervise children at all times, including indoor and outdoor activities, mealtimes, naptime, transportation, field trips, and transitions between activities. Children younger than 6 months at the time of enrollment must be under direct visual supervision at all times, including while napping, during the first 6 weeks […]


Qualifications Work qualifications are based on education and previous work experience.


Ratios DURING THE FIRST AND FINAL 2 HOURS OF THE PROGRAM DAY GROUP SIZE # OF EDUCATORS LIMITS ON AGES 1-6 1 No more than 2 infants; No more than 3 children younger than 2. 1-6 2 No more than 6 children younger than 2. 7-8 2 No more than 2 infants; No more than […]


Postings EEC requires us to post the following information in an area easily visible to parents, educators, and visitors: the current license emergency information by each phone a list of all emergency or life-saving medications (including EpiPens, inhalers, and anti-seizure medications), specifying which children they belong to, and a list of allergies and/or other emergency […]