personal appearance/hygiene

Personal appearance/hygiene We want First Circle to be a relaxed environment, where children, staff, and families feel comfortable. We ask that staff use their best judgment when dressing for working with children: All clothing (even jeans) should be clean, free from excessive wrinkles, and in good repair (without holes or tears). Comfortable shoes are essential. […]

babysitting policy

Babysitting policy Although many early childhood programs prohibit babysitting for families, First Circle chooses not to. However, if you babysit for First Circle families, please remember that you are always an ambassador of First Circle. How you conduct yourself will, whether at work or in someone’s home, reflect on us as well. The following guidelines […]

smoking policy

Smoking policy There is no smoking or vaping allowed inside First Circle under any circumstances at any time. Outside the school, there is no smoking or vaping allowed during operating hours within 10 feet of the building. If employees smoke or vape outside the 10-foot radius of the building, the following guidelines apply: You must […]

conflict of interest

Conflict of interest Our employees must meet high ethical standards in their job performance. We ask that you not engage in any activities outside First Circle that conflict with your job performance; if you know of something that will impact it, please advise the Director.

weapons policy

Weapons policy First Circle prohibits all persons who enter company property from carrying a handgun, firearm, or other weapon regardless of whether the person is licensed to carry the weapon or not. This policy applies to all company employees, contract and temporary employees, visitors, and customers. The only exception to this policy is police officers […]

workplace privacy and right to inspect

Workplace privacy and right to inspect First Circle property includes but is not limited to cabinets, phones, computers, tablets, desks, workplace areas, vehicles, or machinery. First Circle property remains under company control and is subject to inspection at any time, without notice to any employees, and without their presence. You should have no expectation of […]

solicitation and distribution policy

Solicitation and distribution policy We expect your work hours at First Circle to be dedicated to your job responsibilities and child care. Solicitation of staff or children’s family members is prohibited, unless the item or activity is approved in advance by the Administration. Non-employees are never allowed to solicit or distribute materials on center property […]

office equipment

Office equipment Each location has office equipment (such as laminator, labeler, copy machine, staff laptop) for shared use by staff. Specific equipment varies by location. Please ask Admin first before using the equipment for personal use. Educators using the equipment for educational use have priority over staff using it for personal use during break time. […]

phone calls and visitors

Phone calls and visitors We ask that you schedule your phone calls outside working hours. Your cell phone should be off while you are in the classroom. Because your position requires your constant attention be on the children, phone calls must be made outside the classroom and on First Circle phones, unless you are on […]

social + digital media policy

Social + digital media policy The confidentiality policy also applies to all social media and networking websites used personally or professionally. We understand many people use social networking sites, but we strongly recommend that you not “friend” parents of the children that attend First Circle. We urge you to use privacy settings that will keep […]