who we are

WELCOMING We are an open-door program that warmly welcomes children, families, and staff. PROFESSIONAL We are skilled early childhood professionals with high standards. SAFE We are safe and secure, with trained and experienced staff, and an open layout. CARING We are caring and nurturing in our actions, thoughts, and words. RESPONSIVE We actively listen, respond, […]

what we do

EDUCATE Learning is the heart of what we do. Our curriculum educates the whole child while respecting individual learning style and pace. PLAY We teach children through play because they learn best when active and engaged. PARTNER We partner with parents, staff, children, and the community to build trust and achieve shared goals. SUPPORT We […]

program standards

our program standards: what we do​ Our program standards are the guidelines and commitment that outline what families and our co-workers can expect from our program. Our professional standards are:

professional standards

our professional standards: who we are​ STANDARDS define what our customers and team can expect. To ensure our program remains the high-quality program we pride ourselves on, First Circle’s standards guide how we approach both families and staff, and remind us of the obligations we have to our families, our co-workers, and ourselves. Our professional standards […]

core values

our core values: what we believe in​ CORE VALUES describe how we want all First Circle personnel to behave and the mindset we need to achieve our company vision. We infuse all our policies, decisions, communication, and actions with our core values. They are:

what we value

RESPECT We value respecting everyone’s abilities, limits, feelings, values, backgrounds, perspectives, and privacy. INTEGRITY We value integrity, acting in an ethical, fair, and transparent manner. GROWTH We value growth as a lifelong journey, that learning from challenges helps achieve our greatest potential. FLEXIBILITY We value flexibility, creating options in our policies and practices to support […]