outdoor learning

outdoor learning Outdoors children play, practice, and master emerging physical skills. First Circle has expansive playgrounds divided by age range. Children can run, leap, jump, swing, climb, ride, push or pull moving toys, throw, kick, and catch balls. By committing to learning inside and outside the classroom, we are teaching children that learning occurs everywhere. […]

equipment + materials

equipment + materials Toys help children learn by challenging them to figure out how things work, testing new thoughts and ideas, using their imaginations, and developing problem-solving skills. To ensure an environment conducive to learning, all the equipment and materials at First Circle must: Be plentiful in quantity and variety to engage all children and […]

classroom design

classroom design The classroom learning environment is the physical space that supports and shapes the curriculum. It can have a profound effect on individual children and the group. Our classrooms are designed to be safe, warm, and inviting to help children engage in learning activities and to support their development. Physical The classroom should be […]