imagine that Toddlers are creative, artistic and imaginative, and by enhancing their development in these areas, we help them learn how to make choices and decisions, understand cause and effect, and further develop their critical thinking skills. Imagine That takes toddlers on a journey through the visual and dramatic arts, music, dance and creative movement. […]


imagine that Preschool children are naturally enthusiastic about exploring their creativity and imagination. Imagine That uses creative experiences to support and enhance learning and develop flexible thinking, adaptation, problem-solving, innovation and follow-through. Visual arts, music, dance and movement, and dramatic play are infused in our daily preschool program. By singing songs, reading books from around […]


imagine that Imagine That takes children on a journey through the visual, musical, creative movement and dramatic arts which foster creativity and imagination, and give children an appreciation and understanding of the arts. Imagine That focuses on the process of artistic creativity by engaging children in diverse open-ended experiences and activities such as writing and […]


music making sounds with instruments teaches me about rhythm


music playing instruments with my friends teaches me about music


music playing instruments with my friends teaches me about music