healthy me Toddlers are busy exploring and making new connections while building strong bodies and motor skills. Healthy Me provides an environment to help toddlers learn to strengthen and refine small and large muscles, understand healthy choices, and learn to develop self-care skills. By spending time running, jumping and climbing practicing proper hygiene and talking […]


healthy me Preschoolers have progressed with cognitive skills and self-awareness to the point where they are forming behaviors and attitudes that will influence them for the rest of their lives. Healthy Me teaches preschoolers to make good decisions, nurture healthy habits, and develop their bodies in safe and healthy ways. By encouraging children to make […]


healthy me Healthy Me provides children with daily practice in making healthy choices, opportunities to be physically active, and the knowledge to understand why taking care of themselves is important. Prekindergarteners work with writing materials and pencils—as well as cutting and folding—to develop the fine motor control they will need for writing. Outside, they run, […]


outside! playing outside gives me time to run, jump, and move my body