medication Trained First Circle staff can administer prescription and non-prescription medication with written approval from both the child’s healthcare provider and parent. An Authorization for Medication form signed by the parent and an authorization from the child’s healthcare provider must accompany any medication to be administered to a child during the school day. A prescription […]


asthma Asthma action plan For any child with a history of asthma, we require an Asthma Action Plan on file and a Special Care Plan. The plan specifies any known or suspected asthma triggers, any environmental control measures, pre-medications, and/or dietary restrictions that the child needs to prevent triggering an asthma episode, symptom management, and […]


allergies Allergies list Each classroom has an allergy list that includes all the children in the school with a known allergy or cultural dietary preferences. This list should be posted for easy access in a manner that protects privacy. Prevention We take allergies very seriously and collaborate with parents to respond to their child’s needs […]

illness and communicable conditions

illness and communicable conditions Overview Preventing the spread of communicable disease is a high priority. We follow all requirements and recommendations of the DPH and EEC. As a childcare center, we must balance the health of the children and staff with sensitivity to the pressures of families’ work commitments. We try to be as flexible […]


security Communication Each classroom has its own phone so you can communicate directly with parents during the day. First Circle does not allow the use of personal cell phones to communicate with parents unless it is an emergency. Emergency phone numbers are posted by every phone. We use Procare Engage to rapidly communicate with parents […]


safety Supervision Our highest priority as educators of young children is to keep them safe. This requires effective and consistent supervision. The 6 basic principles of supervision: 1. Prepare Make sure the height and arrangement of furniture and equipment allow effective monitoring and supervision. Scan for potential safety hazards. Ensure equipment is organized for play. […]

prevention and wellness

We developed our health care policy with guidelines from the Department of Early Education and Care (EEC) and Massachusetts Department of Public Health (DPH) to ensure each child in our care is kept as healthy and safe as possible. A complete copy of our Health Care Policy is available in the office. prevention and wellness […]