Alyssa Mackay I am currently a junior at Framingham High School, planning on graduating in 2025. I plan to continue my education in early childhood education. I have been babysitting a lot and recently worked at a summer camp with first graders. My favorite thing about working with young children is being able to see […]


Diana Gentile Before coming to First Circle, I worked at a home daycare and Blocks Preschool; I also worked as a nanny. I believe strongly in helping children be creative and express their individual personalities. I live in Framingham with my husband and three daughters.


Tina Cline Before coming to First Circle, I was a toddler teacher for 6 years. For 10 years before that, I did physical therapy and housekeeping at a nursing home, where I soaked in a lot of knowledge about all kinds of medical issues, procedures, and medications. That work gave me the ability to problem […]