family departure

family departure We hope children depart only for kindergarten. But families may withdraw due to a move, changes in their job or financial situation, or because their child would benefit from a different program. Regardless of the reason for departure, let the departing child know they were a valuable part of our program and that […]

family information management

family information management For complete and detailed information about children’s schedules and tuition, please refer to First Circle’s Program Information + Tuition, updated annually. Any parent interested in more specific information should be referred to Administration. Here’s more detail on schedule and tuition information you may be asked about or that directly affects you. tuition […]

family partnership

family partnership The foundation of a successful learning experience for young children is approaching the relationship between our program, educators, and families as a partnership. We strengthen this partnership when we work with parents to develop trust. Key components of our partnership are: respect It’s important to us that our program policies, practices, and communication […]

family on-boarding

family on-boarding New child visits Depending on a child’s temperament and transition style, we usually recommend they have between 1 and 3 transition visits and spend partial day(s) in the classroom prior to the official start date. It helps them get used to the dropoff procedure. For instance, if a child seems anxious at dropoff, […]


enrollment process First Circle has open enrollment year-round. Interested families receive information by phone or email. We collect basic information and schedule a tour of the program with the director. Tours include: a conversation in the office, providing a history and overview of the program and collecting information about the child and family a visit […]