daily program activities

daily program activities Each day includes the following activities for each child. These activities happen differently for each group. Take care to respond to and make accommodations for individual needs. Morning arrival Morning arrival incorporates the morning routine, signing in, putting belongings in a cubby, choosing a table activity, and saying ‘goodbye’ to parent/caregiver. During […]

routines, rituals, + rules

routines, rituals, + rules Overview Rules, rituals, and routines provide structure for everyone in the classroom, including the adults. Predictable routines teach children how that world is organized and how they can successfully interact within it. They give a sense of control and allow children to predict what is coming next, reducing anxiety and encouraging […]

daily schedules

daily schedules Overview Schedules organize the day. To meet children’s needs, the daily schedule must be consistent and balance physical, emotional, educational, and social needs. Schedules ensure that: teachers manage their time with children efficiently there is a balance of activities children accomplish the activities planned children don’t get hungry or tired the day is […]