Feedback As an organization that believes passionately in education and development, First Circle is committed to continuous improvement on all aspects of our programs. We welcome feedback from our families and staff, whether on our regular surveys, or in conversation with our administrative staff. Around the building, you’ll notice a QR code to submit anonymous […]

reward + recognition

Reward + recognition We know you are working hard on the job and at home so we recognize our team members for a variety of accomplishments: personal victories, big wins, extra effort, career achievements, healthy habits, and company milestones. Oh, and we just love to give company swag! At our monthly staff meetings, we choose […]


Non-discrimination As part of First Circle’s core values, we welcome and encourage diversity, multiculturalism, and anti-bias both in our student body and our staff. First Circle does not discriminate in its programs, activities, facilities, employment, or educational opportunities on the basis of any protected characteristic. This policy extends to, but is not limited to, recruitment, […]

equal opportunity employer

Equal opportunity employer First Circle is an equal opportunity employer. We are committed to providing equal employment opportunities for all employees in all aspects of employment, to prevent unlawful discrimination or harassment of any individual working at First Circle, and to provide a mechanism for individuals to bring any concerns about discrimination or harassment to […]

what you can expect from us

What you can expect from us APPRECIATION: We value the role of early childhood educators who help to make a difference in the world. Our staff is the heart of what we do. We do everything possible to provide a culture based on good communication, teamwork, values, and fun! TEAMWORK: Our structure is based on collaborative […]

what we expect from you

What we expect from you Job performance Every First Circle job has a description. Your specific job description is at the end of this handbook. It is extremely important that you be familiar with it. It defines your specific duties, and serves as the basis for your performance review. In summary, we expect you to: […]

program standards

our program standards: what we do​ Our program standards are the guidelines and commitment that outline what families and our co-workers can expect from our program. Our professional standards are:

professional standards

our professional standards: who we are​ STANDARDS define what our customers and team can expect. To ensure our program remains the high-quality program we pride ourselves on, First Circle’s standards guide how we approach both families and staff, and remind us of the obligations we have to our families, our co-workers, and ourselves. Our professional standards […]

core values

our core values: what we believe in​ CORE VALUES describe how we want all First Circle personnel to behave and the mindset we need to achieve our company vision. We infuse all our policies, decisions, communication, and actions with our core values. They are:

admin team

Executive Admin Leadership Team CHARLIE MARCOTTY, Co-Founder and President Charlie oversees all aspects of the program, including the educational program, administration, finances, operations, staff supervision, and support of families and children. Charlie supervises the director, business manager, human resources manager, and director of operations. LIZ SMITH, Business Manager Liz manages all financial and office operations […]