staff satisfaction + engagement

Staff satisfaction + engagement Reward + recognition We know you are working hard on the job and at home so we recognize our team members for a variety of accomplishments: personal victories, big wins, extra effort, career achievements, healthy habits, and company milestones. Oh, and we just love to give company swag! At our monthly […]


Expectations What we expect from you Job performance Every First Circle job has a description. Your specific job description is at the end of this handbook. It is extremely important that you be familiar with it. It defines your specific duties, and serves as the basis for your performance review. In summary, we expect you […]

mission, vision, values, and standards

Mission, vision, values, and standards OUR MISSION AND VISION​ A MISSION STATEMENT is why we are in business. Our mission is to make a difference by compassionately helping people – both big and small – to learn, grow, and thrive. A VISION STATEMENT is a company’s road map, stating what we want to become and setting […]


Meet our team Lines of authority First Circle Learning Centers are licensed by the Department of Early Education & Care (EEC). All our policies and procedures adhere to EEC regulations. You can see a copy of the regulations in the office. First Circle undergoes an extensive relicensing and review process every 2 years and is […]

what sets us apart?

What sets us apart? 25+ years educating the next generation: We’ve been bringing families together since 1997. We’re proud of our close-knit community and long-term staff. Warm and friendly is what we do best: Everything we do focuses on creating a warm and friendly community where families and staff feel welcome, included, respected, and safe. […]

our history

Our history In 1997, Charlie and Marcy formed Idris, Inc. and acquired the program called Care-a-Lot Child Care Center and Lexington International Preschool. Idris is the Latin word for knowledge, wisdom, and experience. After completing extensive renovations and upgrades, they renamed the program First Circle Learning Center. By 2015, First Circle had its first waitlist. […]

our story

Our story First Circle was founded in 1997 by Charlie Marcotty and Marcy Smith Lee. They met in 1987, working together in nonprofit educational administration. After a decade of loving their work collaboration, they were both ready to move on professionally and start their own families. When a friend retired from her established early childhood […]