Benefits We value our staff and provide generous benefits as part of our employment package, described in the Benefits Handbook.


Wages Hourly wages We base an employee’s starting hourly wage on qualifications, experience, training, education, and job responsibility. All non-administrative employees are paid on an hourly basis. Employees are compensated for any time spent on the premises at First Circle during the work week. Paycheck PAYDAY: Employees are paid every Friday. New employees will receive […]

categories of employment

Categories of employment FULL-TIME EMPLOYEES: Employees who work 30 or more hours weekly and are eligible for benefits listed in the Benefits for Full-Time Employees section in the Benefits Handbook. PART-TIME EMPLOYEES: Employees who work less than 30 hours weekly and are not eligible for full-time benefits listed in the Benefits Handbook. SEASONAL EMPLOYEES: Employees […]

punctuality + absences

Punctuality + absences Guidelines Like any business, we depend on our employees to operate the center. We rely on you. Our policy is to make fair and reasonable allowances for an employee’s absence, aware that a moderate amount of absence due to sickness or emergency situations is often beyond your control. If you become ill […]

work schedule

Work schedule Morning and afternoon educators work together to implement the day’s curriculum and provide for the children’s daily needs. Consistency of caregivers is important for the quality of care, so we strive for consistency in the staff scheduled in each classroom. There will likely be a different staff member for dropoff and pickup. Weekly […]

classroom assignment

Classroom assignment Classroom assignments are based on several factors, including certification, work experience, compatibility with other educators, personal preference, and the needs of the program. Assignments also reflect our daily need. Educators may be asked to substitute for a teacher who is absent in another classroom. When such situations occur, we try to have educators […]