Overview First Circle’s goal is to have a fair and respectful workplace free of harassment or discrimination. Employee harassment/discrimination is unlawful and will not be tolerated. Employees are protected from harassment based on their race, color, religion, national origin, ancestry, gender identity or expression, age, handicap (disability), participation in discrimination complaint-related activities, sexual orientation, genetics, […]

whistleblower policy

If you observe what you believe to be wrongful conduct, you have the right and the duty to report it without fear of retaliation. DEFINITION OF WRONGFUL CONDUCT Wrongful conduct includes serious improper actions that could impact First Circle’s integrity and operation. Examples include, but are not limited to: Violations of federal, state, or municipal […]

procedure with staff

procedure with staff We encourage you to speak openly with Administration about any issue, question, or concern. We understand work-related problems can arise and do our best to notice that a potential issue may exist. We also encourage you to try to reconcile simple or personal issues. If this is not possible, our grievance procedure […]

procedure with parents

procedure with parents If a parent communicates a serious concern or one best raised outside of the classroom, we follow this procedure: communicate We ask parents to communicate their concern to Admin as soon as possible. clarify The director clarifies the circumstances of the issue and any policies that apply. If the director determines that […]

resolving conflict overview

overview The heart of Early Childhood Education is in partnering with families to help children learn and grow. At First Circle, you may find yourself disagreeing with a parent who feels their child’s care could be handled differently. As a program and as professionals, we want to be open to receiving feedback and suggestions as […]

challenging communication

Every person has a different skill set and way of communicating. It takes time and effort to understand how to communicate best. Every program has parents who present communication challenges: the difficult-to-please parents, the parents who communicate poorly or not at all, the negative or anxious parent who needs constant support…and many other personalities. Try to […]


notifications As part of our commitment to full and open communication, and as required by EEC, First Circle must notify parents in any of the circumstances listed below. The classroom must notify parents and Admin when any: first aid is administered injury happens to the head (bump, scratch, scrape, bite), whether it breaks the skin […]

social media

social media Social media is an important tool to interact with families and market the center to prospective families. We are always looking for photos of the children engaged in learning and having fun, so keep those cameras out! We love to post about school-wide activities and events, informational articles, and other First Circle news. […]

progress reports

progress reports We evaluate each toddler and preschool child every 6 months, and for infants and diverse learners, every 3 months. We create a summarized written evaluation for each child that includes observational, anecdotal, and developmental information. As part of the evaluation process, parents are invited to schedule a parent-teacher conference if they wish. [See […]


newsletter First Circle produces a monthly newsletter that provides updates and information about each classroom. By the monthly staff meeting, each teaching team is responsible for writing a classroom newsletter, about 2-3 paragraphs. Be creative, so families are not seeing the same content each month.