brain power Toddlers’ minds are as active as their bodies – they are busy trying to make sense of the world, and asking “why?” Brain Power gives toddlers daily opportunities to turn their curiosity about how things work into scientific thinking, problem-solving, and reasoning skills. Teachers help children observe, experiment, classify, sort, and ask questions, […]


brain power Preschoolers are actively engaged in discovery with curiosity and wonder. They are naturally inquisitive, and are developing a foundation for learning mathematical and science concepts, reasoning, problem-solving, and critical learning skills. Brain Power ensures the classroom environment is full of opportunities to stretch thinking and exploration, with teachers who carefully plan experiences that […]


brain power Brain Power introduces the materials, techniques, and technologies that provide natural avenues to STEM learning and ensures that children have daily opportunities to learn the important skills of reasoning, hypothesizing, predicting and theorizing. Prekindergarteners work with math manipulatives such as counters, beads, and pegs to build skills in counting, patterning, and sorting; from […]


sensory play shaking and playing with sensory bottles of water and glitter excites my sense of sight!