Staff hiring


Educators play a vital role in children’s development. Children’s early learning and experiences shape their views of themselves and the world, and can affect their success in school, work, and their personal lives. To offer an excellent experience, we invest time, effort, and money to hire quality staff.

job postings


We value employee referrals and give a bonus to staff whose referral results in an enrollment or a new hire. We post ads on Indeed and other professional job sites. We accept applications and fill positions as needed.


If the administration posts a job description internally, internal candidates will be considered on the same merits as external ones, including experience and education.


We select staff based on their knowledge and experience in the field of Early Childhood Education, and because their core values, personal educational philosophy, and teaching style are consistent with our core values and company culture. Many of our staff have specialized degrees or certificates in Education, Child Development, Psychology, or Sociology. We also train qualified candidates who do not have an Early Childhood background.


background record checks

Prior to hiring, each candidate must pass rigorous personal reference checks, a comprehensive health examination, and a state-mandated background records check, including a criminal background check, a SORI, and a Department of Children and Families check. Each applicant is interviewed extensively and must complete a supervised working interview in the classroom.


The interview process typically involves a phone interview, an in-person interview, and a working interview. Candidates for administrative roles will interview with several members of First Circle administration.

job offer

After completing all interviews and checking references, we prepare a job offer for desirable candidates. To ensure fair wage implementation for all employees, we use a compensation scale that incorporates a candidate’s experience and education. Once the job offer letter is sent, the candidate must confirm the offer.


All new employees undergo a 90-day on-the-job training period. The training period provides an opportunity for both of us to determine whether we’re a good fit. The first 2 weeks of training are orientation. During those 2 weeks, the employee works closely with the director and team members to become familiar with First Circle’s policies, practices, and philosophies, and to shadow in the classroom. The New Employee Orientation includes:

Employees must sign an Employee Handbook sign-off form confirming that they have received, read, and understand the contents.


All employees receive a link to the Employee Handbook, which contains all regulations, policies, procedures, and information pertaining to employment responsibilities, compensation and benefits, and employment policies. The handbook has information to support and guide the implementation of First Circle policy and practices in the classroom, with children and families, and with peers.

training period

During the remainder of the 90-day training period, the director and other staff will mentor the new employee, regularly observe and meet with the employee to oversee their training and provide support and assistance. Any new employee who does not meet First Circle’s performance standards during the training period may be dismissed without a warning.

At the end of 90 days, new employees meet with the director for a 90-day written review. Any areas needing improvement will be identified and a plan devised to assist the employee in meeting the established performance goals. Completion of the training period does not change the employee-at-will status.


We use our experienced staff as a resource in the orientation process. Depending on your role, you’ll be paired with a veteran staff member who will communicate our high standards of excellence for safety, policy, quality care, and education. Take this time as an opportunity to learn our daily routines and ask questions.