Social + digital media policy

The confidentiality policy also applies to all social media and networking websites used personally or professionally. We understand many people use social networking sites, but we strongly recommend that you not “friend” parents of the children that attend First Circle. We urge you to use privacy settings that will keep your photographs viewable by “friends” only.

Digital photographs are an important method to document children’s progress. For privacy and liability reasons, any photo taken at First Circle is considered our property. You may use your own phone but the photographs (whether printed or on file) must remain at First Circle. You may not post pictures taken at First Circle to ANY social networking site or use them for personal use (as wallpaper on your phone or home computer), regardless of whether the family has given you permission.

You are prohibited from making disparaging comments about First Circle, your supervisors, co-workers, or members of any First Circle family. In other words, never write or say anything you wouldn’t want read by your supervisor, published to a website, or used in a court of law. Unless given permission, you are not authorized to speak on behalf of First Circle, or to represent that you do so.