Each classroom has its own phone so you can communicate directly with parents during the day. First Circle does not allow the use of personal cell phones to communicate with parents unless it is an emergency.

Safe Access

All our facilities are locked. We keep to a minimum the number of families that have access to the code or biometric fingerprint system, which uses fingerprints to unlock the door. The biometric ID pad is not just a security measure; it also allows us to track a child’s attendance in the program. EEC requires us to keep records of the arrival and departure times of all children in our care. Each time the pad reads an associated person’s fingerprint, a child(ren) will be automatically logged into or out of First Circle’s attendance record.

Safe release

It is crucial that you make sure each child is picked up by an authorized person. All employees must know this policy thoroughly and follow it without exception [see DAILY PROGRAM MANAGEMENT for full policy].