safety hazards

For treatment of minor injuries, see HEALTH & SAFETY above. There are some safety hazards we can prevent, and others we can only prepare for.

Serious injury

In the event of a serious injury (such as a seizure, a serious cut, or a possible broken bone), strictly follow the procedures outlined.

Missing, lost, or abducted child

Most abducted children are taken by someone they know. It is essential that educators release children only to designated individuals and account for children at all times.

Epidemic illness

As mandated by the Board of Health, if an epidemic illness has been brought into the school and is spreading rapidly and uncontrollably, First Circle may be forced to close to air out the school or close classrooms to contain the spread of the disease. If the illness is believed to be part of an outbreak or disease cluster, First Circle will consult with the local Board of Health to receive further instructions. We may need to close our program temporarily without notice in the event of an epidemic or pandemic health crisis. We would consult with the local and state agencies responding to the emergency to make the decision. During an outbreak of infectious disease, follow these procedures: