Each hazard has its own protocol, so it’s important to be familiar with the specific procedure for each one. Staff must refer to the What to do in Case of Emergency Posting in the classroom and the specific responsibilities in the Appendix.

Response may include some or all the following:


Closing the program

Most of our families need care to work at their jobs, so we remain open as much as possible. For safety reasons, extreme weather or a loss of utilities can prompt us to close the program. Site administration and executive administration collaborate on the decision to close a program.


We evacuate on site for situations such as fire, local hazmat situation, carbon monoxide etc.


In extreme circumstances (i.e.: chemical spill that cannot be contained, widespread fire, etc.) and in consultation with emergency personnel, we will evacuate to the school’s designated off-site location. This decision will be made based on the projected duration of the evacuation, and conditions at both locations at the time.


When we must evacuate the center, classroom teachers are responsible for:


Movement of children and staff back into the center due to a danger/emergency outside. An example of this is a suspicious or criminal act occurring nearby or a wild animal.


When a threat creates hazardous conditions outside the center, children and staff may need to shelter in place. This may also need to occur if it is not safe or there is insufficient time to move to a designated assembly area or relocation site. Sheltering in place involves keeping children and staff inside the building and securing the center for the immediate emergency. Examples of shelter-in-place situations include tornados, community violence, or a hazardous material spill.


The purpose of a lockdown is to keep children and staff inside the building by securing them in a classroom or other safe area due to an immediate threat inside the center. Lockdown procedures will be used in situations that may harm people inside the center, such as a shooting, hostage incident, intruder, trespassing, disturbance, or at the discretion of the Director, designee or public safety personnel.