ready for learning, ready for life

We know success in school starts long before a child sets foot in a kindergarten classroom. Supportive teachers make sure each child grows at their own pace and is ready to flourish in the next phase of their educational journey, whether that’s achieving the next milestone, moving up to the next classroom, or going to kindergarten.

What is readiness?

Readiness encompasses skills in every domain: physical, cognitive, social, and emotional. Being ready isn’t just mastering skills or meeting milestones; it’s being prepared to take the next step on an educational journey with capability, interest, and enthusiasm.

Ready for life

While school readiness encompasses early literacy and math skills, it also includes essential skills such as how to:


We believe that preparing children for school is not just about the curriculum. It’s about creating a safe environment with heart, with teachers that nurture, cherish, and motivate. It’s not just about reaching benchmarks but achieving the potential within and approaching the future with confidence and a love of learning.