procedure with staff

We encourage you to speak openly with Administration about any issue, question, or concern. We understand work-related problems can arise and do our best to notice that a potential issue may exist. We also encourage you to try to reconcile simple or personal issues. If this is not possible, our grievance procedure is as follows:


If you feel that a coworker, regardless of title, is not adhering to their job description, including requirements for communication and professionalism, we ask you to schedule a time to meet with that person and share your concerns.

be specific

Come prepared to the meeting with specific information and details about your concern. State specifically which area of the job description you believe is being neglected. Often simple issues or misunderstandings can be resolved through discussion, or a mutual understanding can be reached. If you resolve the issue, please let the director know of the issue and how it was handled.

ask for help

If you do not feel comfortable discussing your concern with the individual involved, ask to meet with the HR manager or the person’s direct supervisor. A meeting time will be scheduled with you. Come prepared to provide information and details about your concern, stating specifically which area of the job description you think is being neglected. Next steps are: