procedure with parents

If a parent communicates a serious concern or one best raised outside of the classroom, we follow this procedure:


We ask parents to communicate their concern to Admin as soon as possible.


The director clarifies the circumstances of the issue and any policies that apply. If the director determines that an educator has not followed a policy or procedure, we communicate this to the educator and the parent. We see these as opportunities for growth, not failure.


If changes are needed, such as recommendations for follow-through at home, or program changes on site, we meet to collaborate on the best way to proceed.


If the allegations are serious, the director will investigate and/or clarify the situation with you. If warranted, the director may involve outside agencies during this part of the process.


All important information will be put in writing, including interactions, conversations, actions, etc. detailing who and/or what was involved, times, dates, etc. We’ll write a plan for action going forward, including support or retraining if needed.


The plan should be implemented in the classroom and at home for at least 2 weeks, unless it’s clear the plan needs revision before then.

follow up

You and/or the director should check in with the family to ensure the plan is working for all parties and to determine whether it should continue, be deemed complete, or be revisited.

We advise parents that if they feel we are not following the state guidelines, they may contact EEC anytime. In the unlikely event a parent contacts EEC with a complaint, EEC will investigate the issue or concern directly with us.