Procare Solutions is the management software that First Circle uses to organize all child and family information. Administrators use Procare on their desktops to keep up-to-date head counts and ratios, and create reports that are distributed to the classrooms. These reports include sign-in/out sheets, child emergency forms, new enrollment notices, and staff time sheets. In addition, educators use the Procare system to clock in and out each day.

In conjunction with Procare Solutions, we use a tool called Procare Engage to document curriculum, observe and assess children’s development, and communicate with families. Information about each child and their authorized pick-up and emergency contacts is synced from Procare Desktop to Engage. Educators receive an invitation from Procare Engage to create an account and it can be accessed using an app on the classroom tablets to document daily activities and curriculum as well as document observations for assessments. (Assessments are done on the web at

In Engage, families can send notes regarding attendance, changes in patterns or schedules at home, and other information that can help us support their child. In the Infant and Toddler programs, parents fill out specific information regarding their child’s wake up time, last diaper change, and last bottle/meal prior to drop off. Throughout the day, teachers must log the times of each child’s nap(s), bottles, snacks, meals, and diaper changes. All First Circle families receive an end-of-day email noting the day’s logged information, curriculum, activities, and any special notes or information specific to the classroom.