By EEC regulations a minimum of 60 minutes of age-appropriate gross motor activity (outside, inside, or a combination of both) must be incorporated into each full-time child’s day.

Toddler and preschool children must be taken outside every day, weather permitting. Staff may be advised to stay inside if it is raining or snowing heavily, if the heat index is above 90°F, or if the temperature (including wind chill) falls below 15°F.

During the summer months, and on exceptionally hot days, we limit outside time to before 10:00 a.m. and after 4:00 p.m. Administration will notify you if an outdoor schedule is adjusted. We provide shaded areas on each playground.


Teaching teams should work with the children in your class to establish cooperative play and safety “rules” for the playground. The rules you create and communicate to the children should include the following:

Bring water outside for children every day—remember to bring it in when you come in.


All educators are required to:

Morning playground check

Evening playground check


We are vigilant about ensuring that children use sunscreen before going outside from May through September. We encourage parents to provide hats, sun-protective clothing, and sunglasses for use at school.

We require that families apply sunscreen to their child prior to arriving at First Circle. If a parent has forgotten to do that, provide them with center sunscreen to apply before they depart. If the parent wishes to apply aerosol spray sunscreen, ask them to do so outside.

With morning sunscreen already applied, educators do not need to apply it for morning playground time. Parents must complete a Sunscreen Permission Slip (to use the school supplied Rocky Mountain Sunscreen), or an Authorization for Topical Medication Form if they choose to provide their own brand of sunscreen.

Sunscreen must be applied to each child for afternoon playground time. To apply sunscreen:

insect repellants

Some parents may choose to provide insect repellent for us to apply daily between May and September. An authorization for topical application form must be completed for it to be applied. Please follow instructions for application and use on the product.