performance reviews

We work hard to create a supportive professional atmosphere with open communication. Regular performance reviews help Admin and employees identify performance strengths, and areas needing further development. The review process helps you develop professionally by giving you feedback so you can do your job well.


Reviews are conducted at least annually and serve as the basis for continued employment, promotion, and raises, which may or may not be considered at the same time as the performance review. The review form reflects First Circle’s expectations for each employee and each job description [see Job Descriptions]. The review process is as follows:

  1. Each employee completes a self-review. You will review your own performance, provide comments about responsibilities, and communicate any goals you would like to achieve. It is important to be honest when assessing your professional strengths. It’s good to have a critical eye, but just as important to take the opportunity to brag about your strengths.
  2. Observations from the past year are reviewed and used as the basis in the review process. Any information recorded throughout the year in the employee’s file is also reviewed.
  3. The Director completes a review with input from Admin members. Each section includes comments and goals.
  4. After you’ve completed the self-review, you and the Director will meet and go through the document together. You’ll discuss areas of success and areas for development. The Director will provide constructive feedback and be as supportive and honest with you as possible. There will be plenty of time for discussion.
  5. During the review, the Director will create or update your Professional Development Plan (PDP). This plan includes an update of the professional and/or educational goals from the previous year’s review (if applicable), the goals identified in the current review, and a plan and timeline for addressing those goals.
  6. You’ll sign the review and receive a copy. The original will be placed in your file.
  7. There may be times when an employee disagrees with the assessment in the review. The Director will attempt to provide examples. An employee may provide written information that explains their perspective, which is then added to the file. While the employee and Director may not agree on the review, it’s important to note that the process is not a negotiation. Information provided will not alter the review.

professional development plan

A personalized PDP is created during the performance review. The Director and employee identify several professional goals, any support or assistance needed to meet those goals, a target completion date, and a plan for follow-up.