Pay categories

Depending on your benefit eligibility, your paycheck will categorize your wages by hourly wages, overtime, or other categories of pay listed in the Benefits section:

Regular hours

Compensation is calculated by multiplying hourly wages by the number of hours and/or minutes worked in a particular work week.


As required by the federal government, all non-exempt First Circle employees are paid1 1/2 times their hourly salary for any hours worked more than 40 hours per work. Non-exempt employees include teachers and teaching assistants. The only exempt First Circle employees are members of the administrative team, who are salaried, and not eligible for overtime. Other guidelines:

Other categories

Other than regular hours, your weekly paycheck can include hours paid in other categories including PTO, holiday pay, jury duty, bereavement, staff meetings, required training, PR events, emergency closing/delayed open, bonus, late fee, or maternity leave.